Knackstor Global is about social change.

It is about breaking the shackles of social stereotypes and age-old beliefs which have long outgrown their value and place in society.

We have made it our purpose to lead change in Canada by addressing the stereotype of retirement. And our first step was to launch a digital platform providing the opportunity to Seniors to continue to be valued, by offering their skills or passion crafted to perfection over their lifetimes.

Then came the pandemic and Seniors were suddenly the most vulnerable of society, forced into a life of isolation and anxiety.

At Knackstor Global, we redrafted plans and rebooted our platform to ride the pandemic. We have now enabled and empowered the Seniors to provide services virtually from the safety of their homes into that of customer homes.

While the world recovers, our Knackstors will be providing virtual services till we are ready and it is safe to roll out in-person engagement.

Nath, Ghosh, Basu and Sarkar, based in four different countries, make up the passionate team of founders. Having arrived at that juncture of life where we are reflecting on the past and trying to map a meaningful way forward, we decided to lead social change, and leave a legacy, by empowering others and giving back to the community. We come with decades of experience from various corporate backgrounds – marketing, technology, finance, education and communications – and are widely travelled.
Our Canada based Founder is Gautam Gordon Nath, a professional marketing executive who has been recognized as Canada’s Top 25 immigrants, awarded The June Callwood Award, Ontario’s highest recognition for voluntarism, and The Sovereign’s Medal, Canada’s highest recognition for Volunteers. Nath is also a Canadian Citizenship Presiding Officer. Nath, as our other three founders, is passionate about bringing social change in the world.

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