Knackstor is about talent, cash and community.

A subscription and fee-based online talent shop that enables individuals 55+ to market their services and provides them with paid engagements, content and community.

Knackstor creates a gig economy for the retired, while serving small businesses, non-profits, corporations and families in need of temporary talent across a range of occupations—from accountants to zookeepers—and avocations.

Customers get 'experience-on-tap', and subscribers (fondly referred to as 'Knackstors') enjoy enriching content and community.

The Team
Dreamers, builders & doers

Soma Basu


Kaushik Ghosh


Gautam Nath

Co-Founder (Canada)

Join our vision as Knackstor, customer, volunteer, sponsor, funder or staff member.

Going Places