Baking a perfect life – Blog 2 – Tanya’s Story

15 th August 2020

By Admin

Remember Austin from our previous blog? The guy, at the threshold of official retirement, who still found time for community service while being extremely busy at work?

Well, here’s a peek into the genes which shaped him.

Austin’s mother, Tanya, worked as a cashier at the supermarket round the corner. While raising her children and juggling home and work, Tanya had hardly found the time to indulge in what she loved best – baking. But whenever she did, she would treat her colleagues to some of her delicacies. They simply loved these and often advised her to give her passion more time and thought.

As her children grew older, Tanya started baking more often, a cake or a pie for her relatives and friends when she visited them. Gradually, she started getting requests to bake for occasions. These translated into paid orders and before she knew it, she had become an entrepreneur – running a bakery business which started to grow healthily. In time, when she formally said goodbye to her cashier’s job, Tanya set up a small outlet close to home to showcase her bakery art. Besides the deliciously flavoured wholesomeness of her cakes and tarts and cookies, what set Tanya’s products apart were the decoration and the intricate presentation of her delectables.

Apart from the orders for business, Tanya also started getting requests for baking classes. Initially she politely turned them down as she was completely dedicated in setting up her own cake shop. But as her shop took off and business began to pick up, Tanya found sometime on her hand to share her passion with eager learners. “Knowledge needs to be shared for it to grow and sprout”, was what she said and believed. Thus she started off with a new delight. As her business thrived, one thing became very clear – she could continue to pursue her passion and earn as well. Retirement was not for her.

Retirement - Boon or Bane!

6 th July 2020

By A friend of Knackstor

It was Friday, they had asked me to drop into the Boardroom at 4.30 p.m. and so I cleared my desk and put everything into boxes and waited, watching the clock.

4:29... let me take the elevator and go up to the 8th floor where the large conference room was.

I walked towards the big bevelled glass doors, remembering that it was two months ago when I was there last as they introduced the new CEO of our operations. In my 20 years with the company, I must have been here less than a dozen times.

I walked towards the big bevelled glass doors, remembering that it was two months ago when I was there last as they introduced the new CEO of our operations. In my 20 years with the company, I must have been here less than a dozen times.

With a deep breath, I opened the doors and looked in. Bill, Chief of HR was right there, and he welcomed me and brought me in. The team was all there, the new CEO was there, several HOD's were standing on one side and the table had snacks and juice and a small wrapped box

Speeches were given, hands shaken and soon after partaking: the golden words. Thank you for your service Gordon and I opened the gift box to find a gold strap watch with my name engraved on the back. It was final, I was retired, this was what I had heard about - 'The Golden Handshake'.

45 years of my career over, 20 good years here and equally good years in my previous roles elsewhere. Memories raced through my mind as I drove home that day. I was finally retired.

The family was over for the weekend; we barbecued, drank beer, swam in the pool and talked of stories of the years gone by. My wife of 48 years, Barbara, was as beautiful as ever. My three kids and two grandkids had grown up in this town. We had Yoda, once a pup but now a grandmaster lounging about. Music played, some of the kids were dancing and the weather was just beautiful. Aah! I thought such is life; I am going to relax and enjoy my days of retirement.

The merriment lasted but soon Monday came around, slowly but surely and steadily. I woke up at 6:30 as usual and went about my morning chores and got into my formal clothes and was walking down the stairs when Barbara yelled, where are you off to Gordon? It then hit me: I was following the daily routine and going into the office. Oh! It hit me: I am retired. I didn't have to go to work anymore, so I came back and got into my track wear and decided to go out for a jog while the sun was yet not so hot!

Days went by… relaxing by the pool, swimming a few laps, doing some gardening, cooking, watching Netflix and waiting for Barbara to get back from the University where she taught. We took some weekends to go and see the kids and to go fishing at the cottage. I caught up with my golf buddies and stayed fit on the course and wet a lip at the local pub. Life was good; my 66th birthday came around and I began planning a trip to Spain.

Two years went by, my health was great, and Barbara was ever so busy as they had extended her term at the University. The kids were preoccupied raising their kids and days began to slowly drag. Each day would come and seem like an eternity. My diet changed, no longer those exotic meals, happy with just soup and bread. Waiting for Barbara to come home seemed like an eternity, a big void with nothing interesting to do. I had my fill of gardening, reading, watching movies, calling friends and family and cooking exotic dishes. Everything seemed so passé now. I often thought to myself – the retirement honeymoon is over and now I get it – we were put out to pasture!

Then one day, while browsing the internet, something caught my attention: the words 'Don’t Retire from Life'.

My interest piqued and I went onto this website called Knackstor Global. I was amazed… How did they read my mind? How could they know what I was going through? And I realized what I was missing – Being valued and being empowered.

Registration was simple. My years as a bookkeeper was logged in and soon the calls began to come in. In the beginning, my plate overflowed but soon I had it down to a routine. Since the pandemic, so many people decided to open their own businesses working from home and they really did not need a full-time bookkeeper. I finally settled on supporting Allena, Kaushik and Monica for two hours every week and that suited my schedule. The money was nice, the opportunity was welcome but most of all - I was now UNRETIRED & HAPPY!

Thank you Knackstor for coming into my life and making me a new man.

Redefining Retirement

13 th June 2020

By Admin

Dropping his car keys into the wicker bowl on the console table, Austin headed straight for the kitchen. He needed his cuppa after the three hours of coaching session he delivered voluntarily every weekend towards community service. The weeks were long too. His day job too now needed him to be more involved. Sinking into the sofa with his tea and the cookies he had baked a couple of days earlier, Austin smiled as he recalled the melt-in-the-mouth choco-chip cookies of his mother.

Taking a satisfying sip of his favourite Darjeeling tea, Austin’s thoughts travelled back in time. As he was approaching retirement, Austin was asked by his company to mentor the first time managers and senior managers of the Sales vertical that he worked for. Not only would it add to his credentials, but would also be an acknowledgement by the company for the hard work that Austin had put in over the years. Upon his mother’s advice, Austin took up the offer with confidence, and a smile. Thereon, the work load had increased considerably for him, but Austin still mapped out time for the voluntary work. Above and beyond the tiredness, there was contentment – the bliss of doing something meaningful with life, a chance to give back to the society from which we draw our sustenance. Austin was happy that he had a purpose for when he finally retired from his current profession, and could continue to use his skills.

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