Baking a perfect life - Blog 2 - Tanya's Story

By Anonymous

15th August 2020

Remember Austin from our previous blog? The guy, at the threshold of official retirement, who still found time for community service while being extremely busy at work?

Well, here's a peek into the genes which shaped him.

Austin's mother, Tanya, worked as a cashier at the supermarket round the corner. While raising her children and juggling home and work, Tanya had hardly found the time to indulge in what she loved best - baking. But whenever she did, she would treat her colleagues to some of her delicacies. They simply loved these and often advised her to give her passion more time and thought.

As her children grew older, Tanya started baking more often, a cake or a pie for her relatives and friends when she visited them. Gradually, she started getting requests to bake for occasions. These translated into paid orders and before she knew it, she had become an entrepreneur - running a bakery business which started to grow healthily. In time, when she formally said goodbye to her cashier's job, Tanya set up a small outlet close to home to showcase her bakery art. Besides the deliciously flavoured wholesomeness of her cakes and tarts and cookies, what set Tanya's products apart were the decoration and the intricate presentation of her delectables.

Apart from the orders for business, Tanya also started getting requests for baking classes. Initially she politely turned them down as she was completely dedicated in setting up her own cake shop. But as her shop took off and business began to pick up, Tanya found sometime on her hand to share her passion with eager learners. "Knowledge needs to be shared for it to grow and sprout", was what she said and believed. Thus she started off with a new delight. As her business thrived, one thing became very clear - she could continue to pursue her passion and earn as well. Retirement was not for her.