Redefining Retirement - Blog 1 - Austin's Story

By Anonymous

13th June 2020

Dropping his car keys into the wicker bowl on the console table, Austin headed straight for the kitchen. He needed his cuppa after the three hours of coaching session he delivered voluntarily every weekend towards community service. The weeks were long too. His day job too now needed him to be more involved. Sinking into the sofa with his tea and the cookies he had baked a couple of days earlier, Austin smiled as he recalled the melt-in-the-mouth choco-chip cookies of his mother.

Taking a satisfying sip of his favourite Darjeeling tea, Austin's thoughts travelled back in time. As he was approaching retirement, Austin was asked by his company to mentor the first time managers and senior managers of the Sales vertical that he worked for. Not only would it add to his credentials, but would also be an acknowledgement by the company for the hard work that Austin had put in over the years. Upon his mother's advice, Austin took up the offer with confidence, and a smile. Thereon, the work load had increased considerably for him, but Austin still mapped out time for the voluntary work. Above and beyond the tiredness, there was contentment - the bliss of doing something meaningful with life, a chance to give back to the society from which we draw our sustenance. Austin was happy that he had a purpose for when he finally retired from his current profession, and could continue to use his skills.