Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform is designed for the valued members of society who are aged 55 or above, and either retired or just looking to engage in meaningful activity.

We will make every effort to pay you within fourteen working days of you completing a job. Although we need confirmation from a Customer to release your payment, we have procedures in place to release the payment in case a Customer forgets or is unable to provide confirmation. No need to stress! More details are available in our Terms of Service.

We take data protection very seriously. The data you share will be encrypted and well protected according to data protection guidelines.

Good question! A Knackstor may receive payment for one session, less the service fee, if the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the session time.

Individuals above the age of 18, and all businesses and organisations who would like to avail of these golden services. There are various offers for Customers and we are always happy to discuss and customise. Please write to us at talktous@knackstor.com with your needs and ideas.

It's all about being safe and secure! Not only would we like our customers to rest assured about the authenticity of the Knackstor they book but we also want every Knackstor to engage with dignity and confidence. So when individuals 55+ register on this platform as Knackstors, they have the option to go through a criminal record check which is run by ScreeningCanada on our behalf.

Always! Please email us at talktous@knackstor.com and someone from the team will connect with you to help.