Media Releases

CBC Radio Interview with Knackstor Co-Founder

The interview highlights Knackstor as a solution to the issue of older adults trying to find a meaningful way to live after retirement. It explores the social change that Knackstor aims to bring about and the positive impact this venture can have on isolation, something Knackstor pioneeringly thought of even before the pandemic forced it to be a glaring worldwide concern.

Here’s the recording of the very interesting conversation. Tune in and enjoy!

The Knackstor Story on New Canadian Media

New Canadian Media featured the Knackstor story with interviews of two of our valued older adults, or Knackstors as we call them, and described the venture as one which would help in “Bridging Canada’s skills gap” by “Empowering 55+ adults“.

Here’s the link to the full article for you. Have a great read!

Knackstor Co-Founder interviewed by Newstalk

Newstalk introduced Knackstor as a venture with a fantastic premise which uses innovative technology to grow the gig economy for the retired. The discussion explores the need for such a platform in today’s society where older adults are often undervalued, and how the Knackstor venture can help people connect across generations and build a community.

We have saved the recording of the very interesting interview for you.

Knackstor featured in the popular Technocrat magazine

TechnoCrat Inc., New York, featured the one of its kind Knackstor venture in their tech blog, introducing the initiative with, "...we feature companies that do amazing things for the society. This month we bring you Knackstor from Canada.“

Click on the link below to read the engaging article